Be Prepared Checklist

A few things to keep in mind before any outing:

- Bee stings, poisonous plants and allergies don’t have to hold you back!

- Make sure you bring water and snacks if you’ll be out for a while.

- Dress appropriately.

- Use the buddy system, if it helps.

- Remind participants that the natural world is full of surprises and paying attention is part of getting to know nature.

Safe, Fun and Hassle-Free

 When organizing your own outing, make sure to mention any special supplies people should bring beyond the basics of water, sunscreen and hats. For example, if you plan to be near a creek, a change of clothes might help. If you are hiking in the woods, remind each person to wear orange. These bits of information help parents be prepared.

- Water - enough for everyone with you
- Layered clothes to stay warm
- Backpack
- Snacks or picnic lunch
- Sunscreen
- Hat

- Change of clothes
- Pad of paper and pencil
- Camera, with charged battery
- Magnifying glass
- Bug box/bucket/something to collect stuff
- First aid kit
- Band-aids
- Whistle
A note to parents
COG Kids events require that parents stay with their children at all times. No childcare is ever provided. Instead, we encourage grown-ups to come prepared to make a memory with their child(ren).