FAQs about COG Kids

What is COG Kids?

We are a non-profit group based in the Annapolis area that is focused on promoting environmental education for our kids through outdoor fun and adventure in and around the Chesapeake Bay. Our mission is simple - let's get the kids outside and off the couch!

There are a variety of events that we organize for our families. Events range from Free Play/Happy Hours and farm visits to child-friendly volunteer efforts. Each event is planned specifically with children in mind, so all are family-friendly.

Is there a fee to join COG Kids?

No! We are a free group and there is no membership fee. In some cases, however, there may be a small fee required for specific events. Full detail about fees will always be outlined upfront in the event details.


Is COG Kids just for kids and moms, or can dads come too?

ALL family members are welcome! We have a lot of dads that participate and enjoy being COG Kids themselves!

May we bring our dog to an event?


While we love dogs, some children may not be comfortable around them. For the safety and comfort of everyone, please leave the furry family members at home.

Does COG Kids offer babysitting service?


No. COG Kids requires that parents stay with their children at all times. We encourage you to come prepared to make a memory with your child(ren).

This sounds great. How do I get involved?


It's easy! Either register on this site to receive event invitations, or follow us on Facebook to do the same. Each month you will receive a notice about events that we have coming up, as well as a list of events in the Annapolis area.

We're also eager to hear from you. Send us your event suggestions or ideas for organizations that we should consider partnering with.