Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Chesapeake Outdoor Group (COG)?

The Chesapeake Outdoor Group (COG) is a group of people with the shared vision of expanding their circle of friends around the Chesapeake region while engaging in various philanthropic and recreational outdoor activities. COG also hosts many social functions for its members.

How did COG begin?

COG began with the realization that around the Chesapeake region are many different individuals pursuing very similar activities (helping restore the environment, better our community, social functions, etc.) COG was formed as a means to gather these various individuals and organize/pursue the many diverse activities together. Beginning with a group of people from many differing backgrounds, COG has become an active organization creating friendships all around the Chesapeake region.

What does COG do?

COG provides the framework for members to interact in pursuit of our common love of outdoor activities while also providing the vehicle for sponsoring community wellness & social gatherings. COG members donate their time and talents for various charitable events around the Chesapeake region. Any organized function that improves the area we live and work. Some of the fun activities COG members participate in include, horseshoe tournaments, river tubing trips, monthly happy hours and the COG signature event, the COG Build-A-Beercan-Boat Regatta.

Who are COG members?

COG members cover the spectrum in both background and vocations. COG is open to any individual regardless of age, race, gender, religion, marital status, eye color, favorite sports team or whether you are a power-boater, sail-boater, paddler, or landlubber. All members have a love and appreciation of the outdoors and are interested in meeting and networking with other people with similar interests.

Why join COG?

Because COG would love to have you as a member. If you are interested in meeting people who enjoy fun and diverse outdoor activities like tubing down a river or playing a friendly game of horseshoes or bocci, COG members want to meet you. If you like to meet new people or just keep in touch with friends, COG would love to have you as a member. If you like to do all of these things while also giving back to the community, COG is the organization your should join.

How do I become a member?

Joining COG is easy. Electronic Payment is accepted thru PayPal, or you may print out the membership form and mail it along with a check or money order. Please see the join page of the website for further details. You can also visit the forum and get much more information pertaining to membership and its benefits.

How do I become active in COG?

COG encourages members to become active in our organization. Participation is what we are about. COG relies on our members for ideas and assistance in making the organization as strong as it is. Please feel free to send ideas via the Contact Us page, the forum page, or talk to any Board Member at the next get-together.

What is the organizational structure of COG?

As a non-profit association, COG is comprised of a board of directors, officers, and the general membership. The board of directors are elected by COG members and is open to any member in good standing.

How is COG involved in the community?

COG has helped numerous organizations in Maryland with both volunteerism and donations. Our goal is to assist any organization that is actively helping our community and environment around the Chesapeake Region. If your organization needs a helping hand please contact us thru our forum or contact page. The following is a sample of organizations COG helped in the past: The Lighthouse Shelter with donations, The MD Sexual Assault clinic with donations, Eastport-a-rockin with volunteers, Make A Difference Day in MD with volunteers, MD Seafood Festival helping Maritime Museum with volunteers and MRE with the Tug of War.